Posted: 11/5/2016

Each year, the Alumni Association sponsors Service Academy Career Conferences on the east/west coasts, DC, and in Texas. Alumni from ANY of the Service Academies are invited to interact with employers that are looking specifically for academy graduates. A SACC is being held in San Antonio on November 14-15, 2019. As your midshipman transitions out of his or her service obligation [and sometimes even for those who are not commissioned for one reason or the other], this is an invaluable employment resource available to them. In addition, top-tier universities [20 signed up for the San Antonio event] use this forum to explain post-graduate degree options. Your mid, as an Association member, will receive information about this. I thought this might be interesting for you to know about.

ALSO, A BIG THANKS to San Antonio Alumni group. They are supporting a happy-hour mixer being held in conjunction with this event. They do so much; on behalf of our mids and area-alumni, we want to thank them for their continued support.